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Step 1: Calibrating the Profile

We take time to learn about your culture and history so that we can tell an authentic story to candidates in a way that is realistic, compelling, and motivating.


We help you articulate what makes this position compelling, what success in the role would look like, and what qualities an ideal candidate would possess. 


We assist you with a clear and comprehensive narrative to gain the interest of prospective candidates.

Step 2: Recruiting & Networking

We use state-of-the-art expertise, databases, and referral drives to engage candidates who might not otherwise have applied.


We protect confidentiality and prioritize updating you on recruitment status.


We prioritize recruiting those who face  unjustified additional barriers to career advancement: including, but not limited to, women and people of color. 

Step 3: Narrowing the Field

We engage in personal conversations to with candidates learn about their skills and experiences. We share critical information about the role with candidates.


We seek connections between a candidate’s history and what they might encounter within the open role.


We align their skills, strengths, and growth areas against the knowledge and skills required for the role.  

Step 4: Selecting the Finalists

We prepare a smaller field of the most competitive finalists.


We share comprehensive information on each finalist, so that you know the intricacies of the finalist field in preparation for their interview day.


If helpful, we can make recommendations on your request.

Step 5: Closing the Candidate

When there are many strong candidates whose strengths and weaknesses are known in detail, it can be hard to end the search. We help you make  decisions and maintain communication with all finalists.


We help you with contract negotiations: compensation, start date, relocation, and other considerations.


We offer consulting on reference checks and matriculation best practices so that you know you’re putting your best foot forward at such a critical time in the search.

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